Keep your Facebook friends close in this fast browser


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The Orbitum browser is a fast and simple search engine very similar to Google Chrome where you can simultaneously talk to your Facebook friends while visiting any other page. Orbitum adds the chat bar to the browser without the need to access the social network. This search engine is easy to use because of its intuitive design that merges the famous Google browser with the Facebook application.

In Orbitum you can personalize the list of chat friends, showing the people that are online or your favorites, finding the person you want or need to talk to a lot quicker.

Orbitum opens various pages in different tabs and adds your favorites to the bookmark bar. Furthermore, if you accidentally close the browser, it will remember the pages you had open at that time.

A good feature of Orbitum is that you can write your comments and suggestions to the developers, so they can keep on improving it.
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